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What's New

Jan. 2020

Kaithakkal, Kametani, and Hasegawa's article has been published in J. Fluid Mech. "Dissimilarity-between-turbulent-heat-and-momentum-transfer induced by a streamwise travelling wave of wall blowing and suction."


Dec. 2019

Tamura (B4), Liu (D1), Itoh (D2) and Kametani (Ressearch Associtate) presented at the 2nd Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference (PRTEC2019) @ Maui.

May 2019

Kunihara (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology B4, Visitor) have joined in Hasegawa Lab.

Apr. 2019

Dr. Nakakura, Henzel (D1),  and Uji (M1) have joined Hasegawa Lab.